Habits.. I need some new ones

Over the course of the last year I have worked hard to form new eating habits. These habits have now become part of how I  perceive and consume food. I no longer eat because of stress. I no longer help myself to seconds because it was good. I am not tempted by yummy looking sweet treats.  I am more in tune with eating because my body needs fuel not because something looks or smells good, or I am under stress. Forming new eating habits was hard. Actually it was more than hard but it was worth it. I feel better than I have felt in years and I don’t miss all of the junk I used to put into my body.

However, my exercise habit has been hit or miss. I will go for several weeks in a groove where I go to the gym and work out. Then for whatever reason I miss a day. Then a missed day becomes two missed days and two missed days become two missed weeks. You get the picture.

May 5th will be my 1 year anniversary of living a more healthy life style. I am going to make the most the month of May in forming new exercise habits. I am motivated and I have the desire to form these new habits. I just need to be laser focused.  I really need to stay consistent enough in this journey to form healthy exercise HABITS. I have to quit letting stuff get in the way of exercise. Life sometimes gets really busy and exercise needs to be part of that busy life not an afterthought or should have. I have to keep moving forward so that I can be the healthiest mom and wife possible, its not optional. Right now its just one day at a time.

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