7671 Days….

7671 Days, or 1095 weeks and 6 days or to make it simple 21 years~ that’s how long I have been married to my wonderful husband David.  Sometimes I am amazed that he has put up with me that long by choice. I’ll be honest, I can be difficult to live with at times, but somehow David manages to continue to love me and wants to be with me. We choose to stay together, be together and have a life and family together. We choose to love each other. It’s simply that easy. We make the choice each and everyday to remain together.

I am completely madly in love with David. He gets me and I get him.  I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, that loves me no matter what. When we said “I do,” we knew marriage would not be easy and we knew that we would both have to work hard to stay happy and remain in love. I am glad that we have made it this far and I look forward to spending the next 21  years with him.

I have always said and believed that its not about the wedding, its about the marriage and all of the days that follow the wedding.

**Photo taken May 8, 1991—

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2 Responses to “7671 Days….”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    Such a sweet picture! Happy anniversary!

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you…..