How we met…

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future~ Jeremiah 29:11

Twenty-two years ago this week David and I met through a mutual friend in the Student Center at Lee College. I will be up front about it and say it was NOT love at first sight~ for either of us. I thought he was an arrogant jerk who thought he knew everything and he thought I was a stuck up snob (to put it nicely). I remember leaving the student center that day thinking that it would not hurt my feelings if he never spoke to me again.

During the few days after our initial meeting it seemed like everywhere I went he was there. Every time I met up with my friends he was there with his friends. Even though I tried to avoid him we seemed destined to spend time together. After we got to know each other he realized I was not stuck up and I realized he was not an arrogant jerk. I dont’ know how it happened but one day we were a couple and were crazy in love with each other. We look back and laugh about our first meeting and the days following that encounter. It never crossed my mind in those early days that I would ever be his friend much less fall in love with him and marry him.

Twenty-two years later I look back and think about how our meeting was not an accident. Meeting David on that day was God’s plan. I had no intention of going to the student center that day. All I wanted to do was unpack and get my dorm room in order. At the urging of a friend I took a break from my work and ended up meeting several of her friends.  This unplanned break brought me out of my room and into the presence of my future husband.

The plans I had developed for my life look nothing like the plan that unfolded during the few months following our initial meeting. I am glad that I threw my plans out the window and followed the plan that God had for my life. His plan is so much better than what I could have ever dreamed. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that the plans we make can not compare to the plans he already has in mind for us.

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