A Total Me Day….

Yesterday I had a total ME day. I don’t get many days where I can just relax and forget about all of my adult responsibilities. I actually can not remember the last time I had a day to just focus on me. It was a day of heaven.

I started my day with a workout at the gym. It was one of my best workouts in months. According to my tracker I was on target with all of the machines. I then did a little shopping. I decided to update the spring dining room decor and the kitchen rugs. It was fun to make a few frivolous purchases. I found a few more items for the kitchen that I put on a wish list. Maybe I will get them after we have the kitchen painted.

After shopping I enjoyed a Starbucks skinny Vanilla Latte and a few chapters of the current novel I am reading. It was nice to be able to read without any distractions. I need to read a few more chapters since I stopped at a real cliff hanger. Maybe this weekend I will get the chance to find out what happens to my favorite characters.

David got me a gift certificate for LaVida Massage. I decided to use today to take advantage of his gift. I was treated to a full 60 minute relaxation massage. It was a great stress reliever and relaxing. I felt so relaxed and stress free for the first time in months. I then went to visit my chiropractor for my weekly adjustment.

It was a rare day in which I got to be selfish and focus on myself. I am thankful that I was able to put everything else on the back burner and take time out for myself.


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