Our Garden Project

Lately, looking at the garden area has been depressing. It looks so cold and dead. I long for spring and the days of vibrant color in the garden.  

I had the day off work so I thought it would be fun to get in the mood for spring by painting some garden pots for our garden sitting area. Madilyn went to the store with me and helped to pick out the pots and the seeds that will be eventually planted in the pots. We had fun painting the pots together. They are not the most professional looking planters, but they are ours and we had fun painting them together.

I found an outdoor paint and gloss so the pots should be able to withstand the weather we have around here. We picked bright paint colors to help enhance the color in our sitting area. The cost of our project was less than $40. We bought 6 paint colors, a 6 pack of paint brushes, 6 pots, a bag of potting soil and 3 packets of flower seeds. This project was inexpensive and fun.

Madilyn is looking forward to planting the seeds and then watching them grow into beautiful flowers.

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