How we should speak….

a_perfect_day“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

What a beautiful description of how we should speak to others. Our words should be soothing and calming to the soul. We should strive to speak words that will be healing, and not harmful to others.

I will confess sometimes it is difficult for me to speak only gracious words. Sometimes when dealing with my children, coworkers,and others it seems impossible to find even one gracious word to say.  It seems to be in our nature to lash out and let whatever is in our minds come out of our mouths without even giving it a second thought.  We cause harm with our words before we even comprehend what has happened. All it takes is one word to damage the heart and soul of another person. All it takes is one time of lashing out at another for them to loose their trust in you. All it takes is one word to damage a relationship forever. One spoken word can leave an impact on someone forever. It is a hefty burden once you really stop and think about it.

I am striving to speak pleasantly at all times, not just when I want too. I have to remind myself that sometimes I must force myself to speak nicely to others even when their actions and words have caused me pain and frustration.

My prayer is that God will help me become a woman that has only gracious words flowing out of her mouth.


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