Why I Work… Part 2

women_color_4You are called by God according to HIS purpose, not yours- Romans 8:28

I love my job. I think I love my job because I am doing what God made me to do. He has called me to work with young people in our public school system.  He did not call me to work in private school and he has not called me to home school. He has set me in the public school system for a purpose.

This is one reason it irks me when Christians bash public school teachers. I don’t think some people stop and think about the fact that GOD has actually called teachers  to serve in public schools for a higher purpose. God does not only call people to serve in foreign lands, he calls them to serve at home in their local communities.

I have been working in public schools for 17 years now and I cannot begin to tell you how I have seen God work in the lives of some of my students. Sometimes I question, “Why am I here?”  When I start to question God shows me why.  Sometimes it is something big, and sometimes it seems like a really small thing.

My first year teaching I worked away from home and it seemed like the longest year ever. I sometimes wondered if I took the job just to have a job or if there was a purpose.  The last week of school I had a student come and tell me that she had planned on killing herself and had thought about it several times over the course of the school year. She went on to tell me that my encouragement, and my taking an interest in her life made a difference and she realized that she was somebody and that people did care about her. She later accepted God as her savior and has gone on to become an attorney. She uses her job to fight for children who are living in abusive situations. She is now making a difference in the lives of others. I often think that my first year teaching was all about her and what she would accomplish in the future.   I am not saying that God could not have used someone else to influence her life,  all I am saying is that he used me and I did not even realize that is what was happening.

All it takes is a word or an action to make an impact on someone’s life. Some kids never hear a kind word from anyone. Some kids never have anyone take an interest in their life. Sometimes they need just one person to show them that they care and that they have a purpose in life. My students know without a doubt that I care. My students also know where I stand and who I serve.  I have spoken to countless students about God, and I will continue to do so.

I like say that I will retire at 53 years old with 30 years of service, not a day more and not a day less. However, the truth is I will continue to teach until God releases me to do something else. It may be at the age of 53 with 30 years of service or it could be more or less.  Only God knows how long he will keep me working in the public school system.

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