Thankfulness Day 4- Health

carrot_topToday I am thankful for the good health of myself and my family. I am thankful that we have made some life changes that have already proven to helping us live better.

Last year we decided as a family we needed to do more about taking charge of our health and well-being. Medical expenses are skyrocketing in this county and continue to do so. Our co-pay to see a doctor is currently $65 per visit. Our goal with making changes was to improve our life style and health, saving money in the long run.

Changes we made:

  • Limited Processed Foods: The hardest decision we made was to limit our intake of processed foods and sugars. We still eat some processed foods mostly these are grains (breads, and wheat pasta).  Our feeling was that if God did not make it maybe we should not eat it. When we grocery shop over 90% of what is in our cart is fresh non-processed foods. I cannot believe the changes we have seen over the past year. I am not tired all the time anymore. My kids are not constantly asking for sweet things. When we do indulge in a dessert we all eat a lot less of it, because it does not taste as good as it did in the past.
  • Limited toxic chemicals in our home: We have also gone to organic and natural household cleaners and personal hygiene items. It has taken us a while to make this change because some things were just hard to find replacements for. I have noticed over the past year more options are becoming available and as more options become available the cost has dropped. It is really amazing what we put in products that we use every day. We are poisoning ourselves and our children with some of the toxic items we use every day.

What we have experienced:

  • Better behaved kids:  Yep I said it. Since we have limited processed foods and sugars our kids behave better. They have better attitudes and sleep better.
  • Fewer sinus issues: After cleaning my eyes would water and itch. Madilyn would sometimes have a runny nose. Caleb would get headaches and David would experience some symptoms. Now that we have moved to natural cleaning products we all have fewer sinus issues and fewer headaches.
  • Virtually ZERO sickness:  So far this year only one of us has been sick to the point of needing to go to the doctor. That in my mind is amazing.  We know people with kids that are sick all of the time; they wonder why Madilyn never gets sick. I really believe it has something to do with our diet and our limited exposure to toxins that can cause irritations.

 More changes to come:

  • Homemade cleaners:  In a effort to save money I am going to try to make homemade laundry detergent and other cleaning agents. I have been told it is simple and that anyone can do it I just have not really had the time. So during my Christmas Break I am going to try to make a few of my own cleaning products.
  • Less meat:  I am currently looking for vegetarian recipes that will be filling that my kids will like. We want to try to consume less meat in our diets and consume more fruits and vegetables.

Some people will say that eating healthy is more expensive. I think that it might start out that way, but after a few months of feeling better the cost will balance out. Also, what you eat today can affect you for years to come so limited processed foods could be cheaper in the long run. Using organic natural cleaners is cheaper than buying the chemical filled cleaners. Most natural cleaners all have the same base of baking soda and a few other inexpensive ingredients.

What are  you thankful for today?


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