Health and Fitness Goals

sign-success-and-failure-1133804-mUsually at the start of each year I make health and fitness goals for the year. Nine times out of ten I do not reach my goals. This year I  decided to take a different approach that hopefully will be more manageable. Instead of making yearly health and fitness goals I will be making goals at the start of each month. By doing it this way I can evaluate my progress and make adjustments as needed.

I have come to feel that it is unreasonable to make long term goals relating to health and fitness, without having mini-goals or checkpoints along the way. Unreasonable goals is the number one reason people fail to reach their goals.

My 5 Goals for January

  1. Have my personal trainer record my weight and measurements at the start of January and the end of January. I have completed the first part of this goal and have a record of my starting point for the month of January. My last weigh-in and measurements were taken in July of 2013. I think I need to do this more often.
  2. Complete 4 workouts per week. Two workouts each week will be the normal Curves Circuit workout and two will be the new Curves Jillian Michaels workouts. Monday and Fridays I will complete the normal circuit workout. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will complete the Jillian Michaels workouts.
  3. Complete a daily food journal. I think most people have a tendency to over eat because they don’t track what they eat and they don’t realize the true nutritional value of what they are consuming.
  4. Stay between 1400-1800 calories at least 5 days a week. Some people will say that this is not achievable. Well I think it is, if you really want to be healither. Fruits, vegetables and lean meats can be prepared in many low calorie ways. Continuing to eliminate processed foods will also help keep calories in the desired ranges.
  5. Incorporate 2 new healthy family dinner recipes. During the month of November and December I found five meatless recipes and prepared them for my family. Everyone enjoyed trying new dishes and many of the recipes have been prepared more than once since being introduced to the family. This goal should be pretty easy since I love to cook, and am still looking for a few more meatless options for my family.


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