Garden Phase 2

Wednesday we worked on Phase 2 of the Lloyd vegetable garden. Phase 2 was pretty simple. All we had to do was determine the size of the garden, the location and then prepare the area for tilling. We decided on a patch of land near the wood line of our property, that we could expand to a larger size in the coming years if we are successful this year. The current size of the garden is roughly 720 square feet.

Caleb and I then raked the area and removed rocks from the area in preparation for tilling. I expected complaining from Caleb since I got a lot of it the day before. I was surprised that he did not complain at all while we were preparing the area. It was a good time for us to just talk, we hardly ever get a chance to just hang out and talk. Working full time and going to school 2 nights a week really bites into my time.
With Phase 2 complete we are ready for Phase 3 which is to till the area and add nutrients to the soil. We are dealing with a lot of red clay, so it will be a chore to get the area ready for planting.

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