Raised Garden Beds

It was a beautiful weekend here in Georgia. Caleb and David spent a lot of time outside preparing our garden area for the coming spring. Caleb found some carrots and I cleaned them and made them into carrot bread. I was surprised that the carrots actually grew and survived the winter. The smell of these carrots gave me a touch of Spring Fever.

David and Caleb spent some time building boxes for our raised garden beds. They completed the build of 3 boxes that are 4 x 8 foot. They plan on building one more that size and two that are 2 x 4 foot. The smaller raised beds will be used to plant flowers in order to add some vivid color to the garden area. While the building of the boxes is mostly finished we still have a lot of work to complete. The boxes still need to be installed which requires sinking them into the ground and filling them with dirt. I am pleased with the progress that has been made on our garden.

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