Tossed Salad

This past week we harvested the first vegetables from our garden. We had lettuce and spinach. We had enough lettuce for several tossed salads and enough spinach for omelets, salads, and as a steamed vegetable for dinner. Last year all of the lettuce we planted tasted horrible. For some reason it had a bitter taste that was really overwhelming. This year we do not have that problem and it taste just fine.

After we cleared the garden space I planted another batch of both spinach and lettuce. I hope the next crop turns out as good as the first one. We should have tomatoes and squash in a few weeks, since we have had a ton of flowers on those plants. Our beans, peas and peppers are growing fast too.

The raised beds have worked well and has eliminated our weed and red clay problem. Since planting I have only pulled one weed out of the garden. It has been so much better than last year.


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