Our Garden

This summer’s garden has been a success. It took three years to get a successful garden but we finally made it happen.

We had tons of tomatoes, green beans, onions and peppers. We did plant cucumber and spinach that never did grow right, but the jumbo harvest of tomatoes and green beans made up for the lack of cucumbers and spinach.

One of the best parts about the raised garden beds is the lack of weeds in the garden area. I only had a weed a few times this summer, which was great because it was too hot to be outside pulling weeds all summer long. We planted a few more perennials in the sitting area of the garden. Madilyn was so excited to see the flowers she planted growing. I think that next spring we will plant a few more to have an even more colorful sitting area in our garden.

I am thinking about planting a few items in the beds for a fall garden. I will be doing some research on this and making a decision soon.


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