Garden Phase 3

Phase 3 of our Garden has been by far the hardest to complete. Phase 3 included tilling the plot and adding garden soil to Georgia red clay mixture that we have in our yard. The tilling took hours. We started on Friday afternoon and worked ALL day Saturday. That poor tilling machine did not hardly get a break. David, Caleb and I all took turns tilling, of course David did most of this hard labor.

To my surprise Caleb did not complain 1 time. Madilyn enjoyed spending the entire day outside. She was content to play with Piglet and walk around the yard. For the most part she stayed out of the way and let us get the work done.
We decided not to bother with a fence for a couple of reasons. Most of the animals will just climb the fence and it would be costly and labor intensive. I went to Lowes to see what kind of deterrent I could find that would keep animals away. I ran into an older couple who have been gardening for years with a plot that backs up to the woods and they had a product . recommendation. So we are going to try this repellent that you spread around the outside of the garden area, . It is pretty smelly, but is safe for humans and household pets, it just is offensive to a lot of wild creatures. The good thing is that you do not put it on the plants that you hope to one day eat. So we will see if it works, if not I guess the animals will enjoy some veggies.

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