Almost Ready

I have not had much time to work in the garden this week.  My school schedule snuck up on me and threw me for a loop. However, my wonderful garden assistant, Caleb has worked in the garden for a little while each day in order  to ensure that we continue to be able to reap the rewards of our little garden patch.  Our first tomato should be ready by this weekend.  It has seemed to take that tomato forever to go from green to golden yellow. Maybe I am just impatient.   The cherry tomato plants are doing well and we should have a few cherry tomatoes ready for this weekend.

Last week we planted some more beans in order to replace the bean plants that never grew.  We changed the location of the beans to a more sunny spot that has a little better drainage    Those beans are now starting to grow and should start producing in just a few more weeks. The bean plants that did grow are doing well and are ready to be shed of there heavy loads.  So Caleb will be picking beans tomorrow and I will be stringing them tomorrow night.  The cucumbers have taken off. It is unfortunate that I am the only one in the house that likes cucumbers.  So if you live nearby and would like some cucumbers let me know.  I have new ones ready for picking almost daily.

A friend sent me some sites about container gardening.  I am thinking about trying that out next year, because of the grass issues we have had this year.  I don’t think that I will do all of my gardening in containers but I am thinking some of it will be done in containers in order to decrease the work load we currently have.

I would appreciate any comments or advice that those of you with experience have on the gardening front.  Gardening is something that we are enjoying, but we don’t want all of our work to be wasted because of the grass and drainage issues.

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