Blackberries & other good stuff

Today I spent some time in the woods on our property picking blackberries.  I love blackberries, but hate picking them because their bushes are so thorny.  We have a ton of berries on our property.  The problem is that the bushes are so thick you can not get to all of the berries.  Many of the berries have to be left for the birds and other animals because they are just inaccessible due to the foliage of the area and thorns.   I was able to pick enough berries to make blackberry cobbler for dessert one day this weekend.  We should have a lot more berries ready for picking within the next week or so.

Fresh salad is on the menu today.  I picked lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green onion and cucumber to go in my dinner salad for tonight.  It all looks so yummy that I can not wait to mix it all together in a salad bowl later today.

I spent some time planting some seeds in containers today.  I am hoping that if the weather stays nice we will be able to have fresh vegetables for several more months to come.  The stuff I planted today should start to yield some product toward the end of August.  We are still having some problems with our garden area concerning grass and drainage.  David and I will be spending some time this fall and winter trying to remedy the problems by building up the beds and by finding on sale containers so that we can do some of our gardening in containers.

Not going to let one rough garden season deter me from trying again next spring.

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