Savings this week..

This week I did not scour through all of my coupon books like I normally do. I just clipped the coupons that were listed on the shopping site I use. This saved me a lot of time, but may be one of the reasons that my savings were not as high as normal.

My total before sales and BYGO was $181.58.  I saved $58.81 for a final total of $122.77.  Not one of my better weeks but still better than paying full price. I spent a little more money on convenience foods than normal so that it would be easier on the sitter while David and I are out of town. I also stocked up on Diet Coke with Splenda, which has been hard to find lately.

Deals of the week:

  • Del Monte Vegetables: BOGO Free plus a coupon for $1.0o off 5 cans ($3.20 for 5 cans) for a total of $2.25 for a total of .45 per can.
  • Banquet Fruit Pies: .99 cents each minus a coupon for $1.00 off 2 makes the pies .50 each.

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