Kid Free- Day 1

Being the sneaky parents we are we waited until Madilyn went down for her nap to leave for our kid free vacation. We started our day at the outlet malls in Dahlonega. We had lunch at Long Horn and then headed over to Lily Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast. Our room is very comfortable. It is a little weird being the only guest at the lodge. However, being the only guest makes for nice quiet surroundings.

We visited The Oar House for dinner. It was wonderful. The restaurant is located on the banks of the Chestatee River. We had our dinner outside on the back deck right next to the water. The weather was perfect and the food was wonderful. I decided to be adventurous and ordered duck. I had never had duck and found that it was pretty good. I also had rice with cranberries which was scrumptious.  We had a nice long leisurely dinner. I can not remember the last time that it took us longer than 30 minutes to eat a meal. I guess having kids means rushing meals. When we returned to our room there was champagne and a strawberries waiting for us.

The day was PERFECT.

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