Kid Free- Day 2

We started our morning with a breakfast of French toast, fresh fruit, and strawberries in the Lily Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast Tree House. It was such a relaxing place to start the day. After breakfast we headed to the pool to lounge around. It is unfortunate that I needed to do some reading for a paper that I have due early next week. So while I read my not so fun technical reading, David read a Stephen King book. It has been forever since he has had time to read for pleasure. The pool and pool house at the bed and breakfast is very nice. The pool is actually located down the hill from the lodge in the woods. It was so nice and quiet, and would have been perfect if it were not for a pesky cat that wants to be our friend.

Sharon, the B&B owner, packed us a picnic lunch. We decided to go up to Amicalola Falls for lunch we found a nice picnic spot and enjoyed lunch. The picnic had fresh baked French bread, several types of cheese, chicken salad and a bottle of wine. The lunch was wonderful. The wine, a Woodhaven Cabernet Sauvignon, was also very good. We also brought along a few cupcakes from Cupcakes & More to complete our picnic lunch.

After lunch we visited BlackStock Vineyards for a free wine tasting. We had been there before with several friends and enjoyed it then, so we knew we would enjoy visiting there again. Last time we went it was winter and the vines were all empty, this time the vines were heavy with plump colorful grapes. The view from the porch of the winery was picturesque. When we returned to our room there was  box of fudge from The Fudge Factory waiting for us.

For dinner we went to The Corkscrew on the Dahlonega Square. Once again we had a long leisurely dinner. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the meal without reminding children to use table manners and to slow down.

We had another PERFECT Day.

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