Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can ~ Author Unknown

I have lived most of my adult years fighting a loosing battle with my weight. I gain, I loose, I plateau, and then gain back everything I had lost. I have grown tired of the fight and have decided that it will not be a fight any longer. This time I WILL win the battle.  As of this week I have lost 50 pounds.

Yes,  you read that right, I have lost 50 pounds. It has taken 9 months to reach this major mile stone. It has been hard, but it has been worth the work. I still have a long way to go until I reach a healthy weight, but I am on the right track and will continue to move forward one day at a time. I have already reaped many rewards as I have moved toward a more healthy me. The biggest benefit is I feel better physically. I am not tired all the time and have more energy to make it through my days.

I have not openly talked about my weight issues in the past but have decided to do so now as a measure of accountability. I will be posting benchmarks, struggles, set backs, and keys to my success over the coming weeks and months.

For many years I always had an excuse as to why I could not maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Now instead of coming up with excuses that enable me to fail I come up with reasons why I can not fail this time.

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3 Responses to “Fifty”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    First of all, I LOVE that you are back to posting, I really enjoy reading about the things that you are processing through and often it spurs on more for me to think about! Secondly CONGRATULATIONS!!! Weight loss is very difficult and you have done an incredible job! Yay you!!! I’ve been on the weight loss band wagon too and I’m looking forward to hearing how you are progressing!!

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you Laura it is great to be back. I am glad that my post gives others something to think about. I am also excited about “coming out” about weight loss. I think that processing the process out loud here on my blog will be a good experience for me and hopefully for others.

  3. Laura Webber says:

    I’m sure it will!