Philippians 2

The text of Philippians Chapter 2 very rich and thought provoking if the reader will allow it to be. In just 30 short verses, I find myself being challenged to be a better Christian and to rethink the way I do some things. 

Lessons Learned from Philippians 2

Always think of others: Christ did the ultimate by dying on the cross for all of us. He always put the needs of others before his own comfort. In verse 4 we are directed to not only look out for our own interest but look out for the interest of others. We are selfish by nature and always want what we think is best for us and often disregard others in our pursuits. This past weekend we took a scenic railway tour. At the pit stop the car host instructed all passengers to sit on the opposite side of the train for the return trip ensuring that everyone got to see the best views. Upon returning to the train it was obvious that many did not follow directions. They did not care that others had paid for the trip and that they wanted a chance at seeing the better views. I was reminded of this passage while watching the other passengers.  The host had made such a simple request and was looking of for the interest of all of the passengers. His request was just as simple as the request made of us in this passage to look out for the interest of others.  I thought to myself that this must be a horrible way to live, living in such a selfish manner even in something as small as this.

Be a light: We are directed in verses 12-18 to be a light and an example to others in all that we do. When I read this passage the first thing that came to mind was this question: “If all anyone knew about me was what I put on Facebook, and Twitter what would they think about me, would they be able to tell that I am a child of God?” I found it very interesting that in Bible study that same night another lady voiced the same question. Are we using all of the tools and resources available to us to be the light of God to others we encounter? We need to use social media to be a light to those who have no other light in the world. Sure it is okay to vent once in a while, we are human with human emotions but we should not dwell on the negative things we face in life. We should post things that will be inspirational to others, uplifting, and positive. Our post should reflect that Jesus is our joy and our light no matter what we are currently facing.

I need a Timothy: It is clear in verses 19-23 that Paul loved and respected Timothy. Paul compared Timothy to a son helping his father. Paul found him to be a trustworthy person. Paul was blessed to have Timothy by his side. Years ago, I had a lot of true and trusted friends. We lived in the same community, went to the same college, and had the same lifestyle (poor college students). Then we all graduated and moved on with life. While I still have relationships with theses friends it is not the same as being in the same town and being able to get together.

I have found myself lacking in the friends department. My being in graduate school for the past five years did not help matters at all. Life without true friends is hard. I have been praying that God would send me friends that could be close. I am growing closer to the ladies at church through this Bible study time. It is nice to have these ladies and their growing friendships as part of my life. I still need a Timothy in my life…. but I am not stressing over it because I know that God has it under control.

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  1. Lori Miller says:

    Thank you for giving me something to think about. I have a ‘Timothy’ in my life and I am so blessed. I will add your request to my prayer list. You are right, we all need a ‘Timothy’.