Days like today…

Today I woke up with a pounding headache. I have no desire to eat the things I need to eat. It would be so much easier to skip breakfast, eat a school lunch, and order dinner out. Today, I just feel like throwing my healthy eating plan out the window. I really can not do that again today, since I took the weekend off and just ate whatever I wanted to eat. I need to get back on track again before I quickly fall back into old habits.  

On days like today when I want to quit and give up on getting and staying healthy I remember the following:

  • While I may not enjoy exercise, I thoroughly appreciate the energy boost that comes after exercising.
  • Each day, I am able to exercise harder than the day which leads to great results.
  • Family time is more enjoyable because I can do more without becoming tired.
  • I am adding quality days to my life.
  • With each day that I stick to my plan I have more confidence, feel better, and look better.
  • Making healthy choices is not always easy, but healthy choices are necessary.
  • I am getting closer to my November goal each and every day.
  • My husband and children have been supportive of my efforts and have noticed the changes I am making and the changes in me.
  • I cannot do this alone. It is only with God’s help that I can achieve my fitness and health goals.

The last thing I feel like doing today is going to the gym. But after work today I will head to the gym and have a great workout that will give me the energy to get through the rest of the day.

One Response to “Days like today…”

  1. Donna says:

    Yes I did make it to the gym and I did feel much better after doing so.