I’m a slacker

appleI was doing so great with my exercise, diet, and weight loss. Then I started slacking. I started having little indiscretions.  Why? I don’t really know why. I have a million excuses I could give, but that’s all they are, excuses.  Some of my favorites include family life, stress, laziness, unwanted changes in my life, a bum knee, my job.

I just need to get it together. I have stopped drinking enough water. The gym has gone to the back burner. I go only if I feel like going. My body is rebelling. My knee is getting worse not better. When I stay on track my knee actually feels better. I have added back a few of the pounds I had lost.  Sometimes it is easier to just go with processed foods rather than fresh, even though I know what the additives do to my body. When I am on track my energy is through the roof and my hunger and tiredness are gone.

So why do I slack? I don’t know. I am my own worst enemy. I need to get my discipline back. I need to start the process of retraining my mind and my body. I have got to stick to the changes that make me feel better emotionally and physically.

My goal for this week is to make it to the gym 5 times, drink 80 ozs of water each day, and limit processed foods.  I need to push myself to be disciplined in this area of my life. It is worth it, I am worth it, my family is worth it.



2 Responses to “I’m a slacker”

  1. Terri says:

    thanks! I needed that this morning too. I am there with you. Trying to get back on track this week. Mom came for 6 weeks I went to the gym regularly while she was here but the last 2 I slacked off it was just so nice to go home, get dinner and dishes done early and relax and visit. Now it has been 3 weeks since she has left and I am just now getting back into the grove, mainly because I am feeling it, I am feeling every day what not going to the gym feels like, and I DO NOT LIKE IT! So I too made up my mind this week to go back as much as possible, I volunteer at the Pregnancy Center on Tues nights, usually I dont go to the gym, but I figured that is just an excuse, there is a gym right here at work, I do not like to use it, but I think i will start on Tuesdays so that I will stay in the rhythm of things and still have time to change and freshen up and get to the center. Yesterday I started making sure I was drinking more water too. You look awesome, you have done great! I pray I can do just as good, I know I will feel better about myself inside and out if I do. God Bless!

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you Terry… I know how hard it is to work all day, and then go home to another “full time” job. The last thing I wanted to do today was go to the gym but I did it, even though it meant we would not eat until later.

    You can do this and so can I.